Thursday, October 28, 2010

an ode to the moleskine

A timeless tradition of artists and writers, the Moleskine is a simplistic array of journals, diaries and sketchbooks.  They pay tribute to the sleek, durable notebooks used by many of the great thinkers from the past including Ernest Hemingway, Henri Matisse, Oscar Wilde, Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh.

A nameless black notebook carried throughout the world recording the thoughts, stories, sketches and ideas that would become the writings and art cherished today. Now, Moleskine artwork can be found throughout the digital world and fuses many mediums together - watching the progression of this paper bound book move into the virtual realm is quite intriguing.  
The Sketchbook Project is the newest chapter in this legacy.  A tour of thousands of sketchbooks created by anyone, anywhere in the world will go across the US on an exhibition in museums and galleries.  After the tour the books will make their final stop in a permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library where they will be available for public view.  Artists can track where their sketchbook is and how many times its been pulled off the shelf.  They can also have the entire book digitized to flip through online and have it viewed internationally.    
Artists must order their Moleskine by October 31st '10 and choose a theme.  Check out the site for details.

To get inspired and see how others fill up their Moleskine's visit the site.  It'll be sure to get the creative juices flowing. ;) xoxo love,

{photo sources: Extrasist0le}

Monday, October 18, 2010

burnt orange

As the leaves fall off the trees and the sunlight dims golden earlier each day I am reminded of how much I love the crisp, fresh colour of burnt orange.  Whether its a hint of the rich hue in a soft, flowing fabric or a touch of boldness in a bright white room it is lovely any time of the year.

Channeling the darling Miss Anna Karina in a spread long ago for Mean Magazine, Kate Beckinsale adorns the classic orange button-up and striped stockings.  This shoot is one of my favourites.  A tribute to 'Roller Girl' from 1967's Anna (written by Serge Gainsbourg).  This was the first colour film made for French television and the colours are bright, vibrant and vivid.  If you haven't had the pleasure of watching Roller Girl (or even if you have) - you must watch it now!

 And how can I talk about orange without mentioning Hermes?!  This past Spring while I was in Paris walking along the Seine I encountered two striking, dark horses and a carriage overflowing with orange Hermes gift boxes.  They were shooting this fall campaign.  The horses rested while waiting for night to fall along the river for the perfect, mystic setting.  Ahhh what a moment! Only in Paris.

{photo sources: 1. Mean magazine,, Harper's Bazaar; 2. Mean magazine, Mean magazine, Garance Dore; 3. Hermes S/S 2011, Mean magazine, Pottery Barn; 4. Hermes}

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sunny Sundays

 Spending a day off in Toronto's Kensington Market is the perfect way to leisurely get ready for the week ahead.  Shopping at the organic markets, browsing (and perhaps buying) a little vintage and maybe even doing a little laundry.

 It always makes for an intriguing day of delicious treats, spontaneous adventures and lots of fashion inspiration.  A must for everyone visiting the city!
 xoxo love,

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