Monday, November 23, 2009

The 9 Muses

 The Nine Muses in Greek mythology, poetry and writings are the women who inspire the creation of literature and the arts.   Bringing kings and poets their source of knowledge through theater, songs, myths and poetic lyrics.  The daughters of Zeus (King of the Gods) and Mnemosyne (Goddess of Memory) each muse presided over a particular portion of literature, art or science.

The muses are also the spirit within all of us that sparks the creative process.  They are inspiration, embodying that which fills us with prosperity, abundance and joy.  That buzzing energy of excitement and motivation that moves you is the muse within.  Honour her and the rewards will be abundant!  

Muses in Myth

Calliope | Muse of Epic Poetry

Clio | Muse of History

Euterpe | Muse of Lyric Poetry

Melpomene | Muse of Tragedy

Terpsichore | Muse of Choral Dance and Song

Erato | Muse of Love Poetry

Polyhymnia | Muse of Sacred Poetry

Urania | Muse of Astronomy

Thalia | Muse of Comedy

{photo sources:  The Muses by Eustache Le Sueur, Terpsichore Muse of Music and Dance (1739) by Jean-Marc Nattier,  Apollo and The Nine Muses (1856) by Gustave Moreau,  Hesiod and the Muse (1891) by Gustave Moreau, Parnassus (1496) by Andrea Mantegna}

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dramatically Revealed ~ Ludwig Design

The work of Ludwig Design is masterful!  An interior stylist of sorts based out of France, Ludwig has his Master's Degree in Architectural Interior Design and an innate talent for creating sheer beauty!  He has artisans and specialists on his team bringing a taste of French decadence to homes around the world.  Like fashion, interior design really brings together art in its many forms (photography, painting, illustration) and it intrigues me that the idea of combining colours, textures and pattern draws out such powerful emotion.  It lures the senses and draws you in.  I'm sure you'll agree that these creations are truly captivating!

Ludwig's philosophy on design is to let the space itself guide you toward the inspiration rather than following specific "designer style."  He says, "The secret is always there.  One needs only to seek it out."

The enchanting concept of restoring old, well-lived-in homes that wear time on their walls must be incredibly rewarding.  "And on discovery, a property’s latent potential, its power to bewitch and enthrall, can be dramatically revealed for all to see.”

{Photos from Ludwig Interior Design and the exciting find is thanks to A Gift Wrapped Life! xoxo}

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cannot Get Enough of...

Florence and the Machine

Not only is she absolutely gorgeous but her intense drumbeats, melodic songs and killer fashion have me in a trance!  Oh Florence, I love you so!   Her lyrics are simply mesmerizing!  Cannot stop listening to Dog Days Are Over (its on right now), Drumming, Hurricane Drunk.....well actually the entire album.  Lungs is an outstanding debut album and I will most certainly be anticipating what will be next.

Her style and stage clothes are the icing on the cake.  The voice is so powerful that Lungs is the obvious choice for an album title but if you listen to the lyrics of Between Two Lungs it has a very eerie, unexpected disposition. Must see her live! The music videos are also a treat.  Visual deliciousness!  Dog Days has a fantastic video and Rabbit Heart is simply magic!  Enjoy...

Florence and The Machine | MySpace Video

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Autumn Fashion

Still enjoying the crisp air and warm sun of this transformational season.  This is the most wonderful season for fashion and all of the layering possibilities.  Love, love, love these beautiful photos from Glamour UK and the classic use of a good wide-leg jean!!!  I'll take one of everything ~ especially the gorgeous D&G blue ruffled blouse. xoxo

Classic colours, the perfect clutch and easy going hair make for flawless fall attire.  Thank you to This is Glamorous and Punky B for the find!  {more photos here: Punky B's Fashion Diary}
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