Saturday, June 4, 2011

summer adventures

The other day, after a perfect evening of short films and dinner with friends, we stumbled upon some sidewalk salsa.  A local salsa club was holding a dance party in the middle of the street just as the night set in.  And, of course, the only thing to do in that situation is... well, dance!  It is time to spend the warm days (and nights) savouring the outdoors and seeking new adventures.  Let the summer linger for a little longer by finding some spontaneity in each day. Whether it's enjoying a bike ride (or a Vespa ride), late lunches on a garden patio, picnics by the water or simply a book with a blanket on the grass.  Let these summer days be full of cherished moments.  And always make time to dance in the streets.
xoxo love,

{photo by Jolie Adele, Paria Lambina S/S 2011}
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