Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Full Moon ~ Full Life

This New Year's Eve marks a very special evening.  It is a full moon as well as a full lunar eclipse.  A powerful night with an opportunity to reflect, reveal and find your true spirit.

Taking the time on this night to contemplate the storms that we've encountered throughout the past year, the challenges we've faced and the moments that have tested our limits.
 Embracing the solitude, hardships and difficulties with an open heart creates transformation.  And knowing that the wonderful moments are so much sweeter when we journey through the highs & lows.

And once the storm settles...

The strength unearths itself from deep within.  The realization that you can do anything.

The moon is always full.  When it reveals itself we see it as whole but it is always there!  That is the same of our human spirit ~ it may take some moments of fragility, imperfection and hardships to see our full spirit but it is always there.

Peeling back the layers, breathing new breath and releasing everything into the wind.  Allow the lessons that have been learned to be just that ~ lessons.

And then, like a blank canvas we start anew.  Awoken.  Fresh.  A quest to live this life fully ~ to be alive in this world! 

Shed all the layers.  Set yourself free and open yourself up to the light!  Happy New Year!
 xoxo love,

{All photos by Paolo Roversi}

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