Friday, January 15, 2010

dace ~ très fantastique!

With some warmer weather flowing through the city, I can't help but think of the season that lies right around the corner.  When I came across this beautiful video for dace's Spring 2010 collection I could practically smell the fresh air of spring.  The flowers blooming, gorgeous french chic fashion and perfect moments in the spring sunshine!
I am spending some time in Paris this April and I hope to enjoy some bike rides through the Boulevard Saint-Germain, lots of pastry breakfasts and some 'dace' style.  The Canadian designer behind the line, Dace Moore, began making her very first garments using vintage patterns that she would find in thrift shops and it shows.  She has a very sweet, effortless quality to her pieces that make them classic and perfectly timeless ~ enjoy!

{All images/video via dace ~ thank you to Ruby Press for the wonderful find!}

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