Thursday, May 20, 2010

back from paris and feeling ignited...

First, let me apologize for being such a negligent blogger but I have been trying so dearly to hold onto the Parisian mindset for a little while longer.  Although I returned a few weeks ago I feel as though the city illuminated a spark within me that I don't want to stifle.  The best treasure I came home with is this overwhelming desire to create. 

The fashion, the art history, the architecture ~ the city dances with delight.  The Parisians reminded me that life is art.  Every part of our day to day lives is a moment to reveal ourselves freely and be open to possibilities.  What you choose to wear each morning, the conversations you have throughout your day, moments that are shared and each moment completely alone is an artistic expression of who you are.

"Life has been your art.  You have set yourself to music.  Your days are your sonnets."
~Oscar Wilde

{photo by Jolie Adele}

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