Friday, December 10, 2010

{sweet moment}

Marilyn Moment-------------------------------------------------------------
Welcome to the beginning of an editorial section, of sorts.  A sweet moment to honour women of past and present who walk through life with depth, honesty and the strength to be passionate
regardless of interference.  Embracing those that inspire us while remembering to indulge in the riches
that life has to offer for ourselves.
Take time.
Take it in your hands and claim a moment for yourself each and every day.
Play your favourite record (yes, I said record), savour a silent evening with a cup of hot tea
and a good read, wear your loveliest perfume for no reason at all or luxuriate in the
extravagance of pearls and champagne.

 As my first edition of  sweet moment, it had to be a tribute to the one and only...Ms. Marilyn.  I've been reading Fragments and it has inspired me to write more, to read more and to indulge in the little moments of sweetness in each day. To find the time, make the effort and be present.

Whether its relaxing in my favourite velvet chair, writing a letter the good old-fashioned way, buying fresh flowers or spending an entire Sunday in bed with my cashmere throw I take some time throughout each day to be still and steep fully in 'a moment.' 

Marilyn most definitely gave herself time to revel in life's divine, simple pleasures.  Bathing in Chanel No. 5, curling up with a good book or writing poetry and heartfelt letters.  But she was also so much more than that.  Filled with wisdom and insight, beauty and a yearning heart ~ searching for love and yet loved by the whole world.  She was true to herself...always seeking to be her best, continuously learning and paving the way for future generations of women and actors alike.

In honour of the passion and perseverance of Ms. Marilyn, let's enjoy some delectable moments ourselves. Begin making time without question and dedicating yourself to what is true, what you believe in and what brings nothing but sheer delight!

{Clockwise from top left:  1. Lanvin choker, 2.Tiffany's Keys crown pendant, 3. vintage silver tea pot, 4. Lip Tease cup, 5. Paris Flea Market Champagne Chandelier, 6.cashmere dress, 7. Dom Perignon Rose, 8. Decadent Dusting Powder, 9. Louis Vuitton gold ballpoint pen, 10. Italian wrap journal, 11. Chanel No. 5, 12. Chair }  

{images: 1. all photos other than Marilyn images via This is Glamorous, 2. Top Right: Living etc., Bottom Right: curiousleigh via Flickr, 3. Savio Firmino bathroom, other images This is Glamorous, 4. vanity via 100 Layer Cake,  Love Letters by Heather Waraksa, Chanel shoes via This is Glamorous, 5. Key by Anthropologie, 7. images via This is Glamorous} 


  1. What a magical post! If only we would all take time to spoil ourselves and indulge in life's simplest pleasures...we wouldn't need therapy! Love every photo. Thanks for the weekend inspiration! Have a good one.


  2. Thank you Gigi! I am so glad that you were inspired by the post! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. xoxo love,

  3. This is such a pretty post with so much inspiration.
    Love, love it. ♥


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