Thursday, December 6, 2012

create + bake + inspire

I've been coming across so many special finds for the holiday season - mainly due to my Pinterest addiction - and thought that it would be nice to share a few.

Get Creative
This beautiful DIY ornament from Craftberry Bush is so sweet - even more so because it uses sugar for the sparkly snow.

Get Baking
Whipped frosting dusted with a hint of icing sugar and topped with a few glittery pine trees makes this cake so pretty your guests will most definitely be impressed. This charming dessert is easy to make and will surely spark everyone's interest at your next holiday party.  {image via greige design}

Get Inspired
Odelae is a book arts and design studio that reclaims materials from the early 1900s and reinvents them into handstitched journals. The clam and oyster shell books are an original design. Etsy's blog tells the artist's story of the handstitched clam shell book which is described as "an offering for all the ocean provides."

The artist calls it "an ode to the ocean - a token reminder of the mysterious beauty of the natural world.  The act of sewing the broken halves of the clam shell into a book embodies a return to wholeness and relationship: two shells connected by a moving body of paper; two lands connected by the waves of the sea."

You can read more of Odelae's story here.

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