Monday, November 16, 2009

Cannot Get Enough of...

Florence and the Machine

Not only is she absolutely gorgeous but her intense drumbeats, melodic songs and killer fashion have me in a trance!  Oh Florence, I love you so!   Her lyrics are simply mesmerizing!  Cannot stop listening to Dog Days Are Over (its on right now), Drumming, Hurricane Drunk.....well actually the entire album.  Lungs is an outstanding debut album and I will most certainly be anticipating what will be next.

Her style and stage clothes are the icing on the cake.  The voice is so powerful that Lungs is the obvious choice for an album title but if you listen to the lyrics of Between Two Lungs it has a very eerie, unexpected disposition. Must see her live! The music videos are also a treat.  Visual deliciousness!  Dog Days has a fantastic video and Rabbit Heart is simply magic!  Enjoy...

Florence and The Machine | MySpace Video

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