Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dramatically Revealed ~ Ludwig Design

The work of Ludwig Design is masterful!  An interior stylist of sorts based out of France, Ludwig has his Master's Degree in Architectural Interior Design and an innate talent for creating sheer beauty!  He has artisans and specialists on his team bringing a taste of French decadence to homes around the world.  Like fashion, interior design really brings together art in its many forms (photography, painting, illustration) and it intrigues me that the idea of combining colours, textures and pattern draws out such powerful emotion.  It lures the senses and draws you in.  I'm sure you'll agree that these creations are truly captivating!

Ludwig's philosophy on design is to let the space itself guide you toward the inspiration rather than following specific "designer style."  He says, "The secret is always there.  One needs only to seek it out."

The enchanting concept of restoring old, well-lived-in homes that wear time on their walls must be incredibly rewarding.  "And on discovery, a property’s latent potential, its power to bewitch and enthrall, can be dramatically revealed for all to see.”

{Photos from Ludwig Interior Design and the exciting find is thanks to A Gift Wrapped Life! xoxo}

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