Thursday, August 20, 2009

je'taime francoise

Francoise Hardy is a singer/musician, actress and astrologer from Paris who became an icon in the 60s for her fashion and music. Almost everything from France in the 60s and 70s inspires me but her music truly soothes my soul. Even her videos are wonderfully unique.

The photos of Francoise from her Vogue record days are timeless and she was a beautiful yé-yé girl. Part of an amazing musical movement that was originated by women.

These photos of her and Bob Dylan are my favourites. They met in Paris in '66 which may have come about from Dylan's poem 'Some other kinds of songs' on the cover of his LP "Another Side of Bob Dylan." Here is a snippet of that poem:

Some other kinds of songs
for françoise hardy
at the seine's edge
a giant shadow
of notre dame
seeks t' grab my foot
sorbonne students
whirl by on thin bicycles
swirlin' lifelike colors of leather spin
the breeze yawns food
far from the bellies
of erhard meetin' johnson
piles of lovers
lay themselves on their books. boats.
old men
clothed in curly mustaches
float on the benches
blankets of tourists
in bright red nylon shirts
with straw hats of ambassadors ...

One of her many lovely videos:

{collages by love, jolie}

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